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Fall/Winter 2019
Legal Monthly News

Southern Alberta Law has the largest, most experienced team of lawyers in the Foothills area and is also now in Lower Mount Royal Calgary. As a full service law firm, we offer all areas of practice, reasonable rates and flexible hours.

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10% OFF Wills & Estates
September 22 – December 21, 2018

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New Locations!

Now Offering Full Legal Services at two additional locations...

Mount Royal, Calgary: #200 638 11 Avenue SW., Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E2.

Black Diamond: Unit 7, 126 Centre Street W, Black Diamond, Alberta.


Customer Appreciation Event

Join us Friday November 30th for our Customer Appreciation Event from 12:00 pm to 3:00pm! 184 North Railway Street, Okotoks. Come to mingle and enjoy some snacks and refreshments. Enter for your chance to win a set of Calgary Flames and/or Calgary Roughnecks tickets... RVSP

Mark Your Calendars!

Southern Alberta Law Offices is pleased to announce that we will be presenting a series of workshops to provide the community with basic information on important legal issues. We hope you will be able join us at one or more of the following workshops.


These workshops presented by the lawyers of Southern Alberta Law Offices will help you to understand the basics of Wills, Family, Corporate and Civil Litigation law in Alberta.

All workshops will be presented at either the Okotoks or Turner Valley libraries. Pre-registration is required. To register, contact the host Library:

Winter and Spring 2019 Workshops

Wills, Power of Attorney and Personal Directives in Alberta

The Basics of Family Law in Alberta


Wills and Estates in Alberta


Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives

You’ll come away from this free workshop with a basic knowledge of what goes into a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive, some of the decisions and choices you need to make when preparing these documents and the powers and duties each document bestows upon your personal representative(s). We’ll also talk about how each document comes into effect and some of the responsibilities of your personal representative(s).


Administration of an Estate in Alberta

You’ll come away from this free workshop with a basic knowledge of the documents required and the process of administering an estate in Alberta. We’ll talk about when an estate needs to be probated or not and what happens when someone dies without a Will in place.


The Basics of Family Law in Alberta


Parenting in Family Disputes

In this free workshop, we will discuss the differences between guardianship, custody, parenting, access, and contact. We will also talk about different types of parenting arrangements and the factors that are considered in parenting applications and how to make and application for, or vary a parenting/access order.


Child Support and Disputes

In this free workshop, we will discuss the two types of child support involved in both a primary care-giver and shared parenting situation and the factors that are considered in determining a child support obligation. We will also discuss how to make an application or vary an order for child support, and methods of enforcing child support orders.


Parenting and Child Support

In this free workshop, we will discuss the different types of parenting arrangements, more commonly referred to as custody and access. We will also talk about child support; the different types of support, how its calculated and enforcement of child support orders.


Uncontested Divorce, Property Division and Spousal Support

In this free workshop, we will discuss the basics of how to obtain an uncontested or joint divorce in Alberta. We will also talk about property division; what’s divisible, what’s not and some of the different ways to divide property. You’ll also learn a little bit about spousal support; different types, who’s entitled and how it’s calculated.

Feature Article: How will my divorce affect me financially?

Examine how various property and support settlement scenarios will affect both your short and long term financial future.

News item/s: We are now offering family law services: prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements, contested and uncontested divorce matters as well as collaborative divorce

Western Wheel Article

Small claims court limit raised to $50,000

Court: Okotoks civil litigation lawyer agrees with Province's changes
By: Darlene Casten ...Download PDF


Due to the complexity of the transaction and the many terms and conditions in the mortgage documents, one or both parties often require legal representation. Many people hire an individual through a law firm who acts as an agent used for the conveyance process. ...Download PDF

Get it in writing

Get it in Writing

The best way to protect yourself from unscrupulous or simply inept business relationships is to get all of your agreements in writing ...Download PDF

What is Probate?

Probate is a method of estate administration that allows your debts to be paid and the remainder to be properly transferred to your beneficiaries. It applies to any estate regardless if the individual died with or without a Will ...Download PDF

Happy Holidays

Southern Alberta Law is supporting the town’s annual pre holidays celebration by sponsoring sleigh rides ...Download PDF
Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates

A will is a legal document that determines how your property will be distributed when you die. Should you pass away without a will, it is difficult for your family   ...Download PDF


Wills & Estates

Information about The Will, The Personal Directive and The Enduring Power of Attorney legal documents plus The Personal Representative / Executor (P.R.) role.   ...Learn more

Legal Documents / Agreements

Buyers and Sellers must be Aware

It’s important that you and your lawyer read any agreement carefully before signing. The danger may be to unwittingly create a costly problem for yourself that will take a lot of time and resources to resolve.   ...Learn more