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Shelley Germann

Shelley Germann, B.A., J.D.

Shelley has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, with a friendly, open style and good organizational skills. Since her early days of practice, she has continued to focus on providing quality, professional service while responding to market demands and expectations. As the founder and general manager of Southern Alberta Law Offices, Shelley has attracted the right talent to meet all the needs of Southern Albertans.

After graduating from University of Alberta, with a Bachelor of Arts, (double major) with Distinction and University of Saskatchewan, with a Juris Doctor, Articles led to Ms. Germann to becoming a member of the Alberta Bar Association in 1982. Two years of experience with the Alberta Securities Commission as Assistant to the Chairman and a further two years with Alberta Economic Development as Director of the Financial Sector offered Shelley many opportunities for professional growth. The securities regulatory area provided her with an introduction, experience and knowledge of the Alberta financial sector.

Ms. Germann was the Planner and Leader in several International financial sector missions to Far East countries, New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal. She has achieved success both in the government and private sector.

When Government contracts were completed, they were followed by a securities legal practice in a large firm for six years in Calgary, Alberta in the height of junior public company development and two years of Corporate In House Counsel.

Corporate law and real estate development for fifteen years in the US was successfully pursued by Ms. Germann with many of her projects being recognized as landmark developments. She continued consulting, including negotiation, in corporate finance and real estate developments which have been challenging and rewarding. Directorships and Management roles in both private and public companies have also been undertaken by Ms. Germann over the last twenty years.

From 1988 to 2011, consulting contracts were fulfilled by Shelley in corporate finance, real estate development and legal areas both in Canada and the US. Ms. Germann is a Citizen of both Canada and US and has been involved in both business and regulatory matters.

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